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RandomWare: Random Selection & Data Management Software for Drug & Alcohol Testing
Random Selection Donors who were NOT Drug Tested 
Data management for random drug & alcohol testing can prove challenging: Personnel rosters are often not current at the time of a random selection.  

In the software, random drug and alcohol tests persist as "pendings" until collection information is resolved.  If a someone is not tested and no longer an employee, you'll need to change the reason for testing and enter a note to substantiate the non-testing.

First, enter a new reason for testing into your database.

Click the menus:

  • Other Data 
    • Reasons for Testing

Figure 1-1
Note: The spreadsheet displayed in the program may differ slightly from the example in Figure 1-1
Scroll down to the first blank line (press the down arrow) and enter the new reason for testing as shown in line 21 (see Figure 1-1). On the menu bar click Save > Save Data
Note: Changing the reason for testing prevents the record from reporting as a Random Test.
Open the Results Table
  • Locate the random drug & alcohol record for the person who was not tested
  • Double click their last name to activate the Drug and Alcohol Record Editor
  • On the Summary Page, click the dropdown arrow for Reason for Testing and select the new reason entered in Figure 1-1.
  • Click the Collection Tab and enter a note to substantiate the absence or reason for non-testing.
  • Click the Save button   (see bottom left edge).