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Random Selection Software Applications for Windows
Data Management Resources for Alcohol & Drug Testing

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Tools for the Business of Drug & Alcohol Test Data Management 

Our Desktop Application:

RandomWare is a desktop application: a software app for drug and alcohol testing data management and random selection. The RandomWare suite provides comprehensive resources for random drug and alcohol testing and reporting for DOT Compliance and Drug Free Workplace programs.

For general, simple, random selection needs consider RandomWare Simple Easy or Simple Express.

Our Internet Solution [Cloud Based]:
An Internet/Cloud based drug testing data management app is also available.  Visit DrugTestNetwork.com for more information. The online application is a virtual EMR system for your clients whether your busines manages drug free workplace (DOT and Non-DOT), pain-management, toxocology or pharmocology reporting. The online application integrates with LIS HL7 data output for web-reporting.

Scientifically Valid / DOT Compliant:
Our software meets the requirements, as specified by the DOT, for scientifically valid random selections. Read the article [Click HERE].

Employers, TPAs, MROs, SAPs, Hospitals, Occupational Health Professionals and School Administrators are well served. Our software for drug testing data management with extensive random selection tools will keep your business in compliance with DOT regulations or help you acheive your objectives for a Drug Free Workplace: generate random selections, manage test results, create the DOT MIS Report (Basic & Plus System). You will also find complete audit trails for all aspects of your drug testing data management needs.
Choose from one of four systems: Check our Pricing
Simple Easy:
  If you need simple random selection software to randomly pick names from a list, consider Simple Easy.  Simple Easy picks names and alternates without regard to why you're picking names.  It just picks names and alternates if you want to add alternates at the same time.
Simple Express:
  To generate a random selection, specifically for drug and alcohol testing, picking a different number of people for each, consider Simple Express: For example, Simple Express can randomly selecct 10 people for drug testing and 2 people for alcohol testing in a single request, including alternates.
RandomWare Basic:
  Employers and TPAs who need to print random selection notification letters, monitor year to date annual selection percentages, track positive and negative results and generate DOT MIS reports should consider RandomWare Basic. 
RandomWare Plus:
  Resources for EDI data mangement (import raw Lab/MRO test result data), billing utilities, DOT MIS reports and tools to manage a consortium of clients for random selection will find solutions in RandomWare Plus.  The Plus System will appeal to TPAs, MROs and Occupational Health professionals as well as Employers with large employee populations across mulitple locations.

The Basic and Plus Systems include all the random selection utilities available in the Simple Easy/Express versions of RandomWare. All systems allow users to manage any number of personnel lists without size limitations.*

Randomware has been available for more than 20 years with well over 2000+ installations.

Choose from four software packages:  Check our Pricing
  • Simple Easy: Random Selection Software Utility
  • Simple Express: Random Selection Tools for Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Basic: Comprehensive Drug Test Business Management Software
  • Plus: Drug Test Business Management: TPA, MROs Consortia
You can upgrade for the difference in price plus $25.00**
  • Random Selection Tools
  • Drug Test Data Management
  • Result Tracking
  • Consortium Management
  • DOT Compliance
  • DrugFree Workplace
  • Random Periodic Scheduling
  • Solutions for:
    • Employers
    • TPAs
    • MROs
    • Schools
  • Electronic Data Interchange
    • Quest
    • MedTox
    • CRL
    • LabCorp
    • Kroll
    • On Request
  • Software for the PC
  • Internet Application: Visit


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Visit DrugTestNetwork.com    
  • Internet based Drug Alcohol Test Software
The technical limit for the number of people in a single list is 32,767.    
An upgrade for the difference in price, plus $25.00, is available during the first 12 months after date of purchase; thereafter, the price is based on the system and current annual support subscription rates.