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RandomWare is Random Selection and Data Management Software for Drug and Alcohol Testing: Software for Windows.
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Four systems are available:
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All four systems:
  • Reduce or eliminate redundant random selections without bias
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  • Automatic data accumulation.
  • Total audit trail documentation.

Every time a random selection is generated the following data is saved:

  • Every random selection is redundantly saved for easy retrieval.
  • Random selection results are accumulated for every personnel roster.
  • All parameters that control the random selection are saved including the date & time generated.
  • A duplicate of the personnel roster is saved for future reference.
The random selection controls meet the DOT's requirement for "scientifically valid" random selections.
Maintain rosters for random selection and accumulate the selection results to a history table.   In a single draw generate a random selection for both a primary sample and an alternate sample (primary & alternates are mutually exclusive). Generate a random date for each person randomly selected.  Consider Simple/Express if you need to generate random selections that specifically identify candidates for a drug and/or an alcohol test.
Simple Express generates a random selection for both a drug and an alcohol test at different percentages in one draw with specifications for alternates if needed.  Generate a random testing date for each person randomly selected.  

Note: Both Simple systems limit personnel data to the following items:  First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial and an ID number.

The Random Selection histories record the selection date and a random date. 

Resources to manage Drug and Alcohol results are not available in the Simple systems.  For comprehensive drug & alcohol data management choose the Basic or the Plus system.

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Basic & Plus  
Basic & Plus provide complete random selection and data management solutions for drug and alcohol testing including results tracking and reporting.  Manage, track and report test results for random selections, pre-employment, periodic testing, post-accident. reasonable cause, follow-up, return to duty and other reasons for testing.  

Manage all aspects of the testing and data tracking starting with personnel data management, random selection, the assignment of testing and collection to the entry of lab results and the review of data by a medical review officer.  The data maintained is comprehensive.

The Plus+ system features the exclusive RandomWare Directory.  The Directory manages a list of companies with facilities to define multiple consortia.  In a single request you can report year to date random selection percentages and generate MIS reports for all companies, departments and groups listed.  It's the perfect solution for TPAs, MROs and consortium management.

The Basic system manages multiple personnel rosters, and their respective tables of drug & alcohol results.  Each personnel roster and/or its drug & alcohol results table is opened individually from a drop down selection resource. 

Resources for consortium management are provided only in the Plus system.  

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