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Help Articles

MIS DOT Report How to set up your data to run the MIS DOT Reports (Plus & Basic Systems)
Getting Started Detail Step by Step for the Plus System (09-12-05)
Absentees: Random Drug Tests (09-12-05)
Uniform Distribution (pdf) Why Random Selections are Fair
Move an Installation (pdf) How to move RandomWare to another computer or hard drive.
Network Installation (pdf) Install RandomWare on a Network Drive

Version 4 Installation Documents 
Click to Download an Installation Document
RandomWare Plus
Microsoft Word 2000 (211KB)
Adobe Acrobat (1236 KB ~1MB )
Error Recovery Update v4.01.018
   Microsoft Word (130KB)
   Adobe Acrobat (937KB)
RandomWare Simple
   Microsoft Word (113KB)
   Adobe Acrobat (726KB)
Evaluation Installation Documents
   Microsoft Word (145KB)
   Adobe Acrobat (773KB)
Re-Installation Documents (Move an Installation to a new Computer)
   Microsoft Word (38KB)
   Adobe Acrobat (473KB)

Need Help Getting Started with the Plus System ? Click the Link below:
Detail Step by Step: Plus System (Posted 09-12-2005)

New Help Systems (Posted 12-06-2005)  You should download both help files.
   Click to Download Tutorials Help System
   Click to Download Main Help System

To download these help files, click the links above.

From the download dialog box choose the "Save this program to disk" option.

Download to your  RandomWare installation folder (C:\RandomWare) and allow them to overwrite the files that currently exist there - Set the "Save-In" option at the top of the dialog box to the installation folder.

Automatic Updates and Upgrade Functions are in Development. 
Upgrades: You can upgrade your current program to the next level for the difference in price. 
  • Upgrade from Simple to Basic or Plus
  • Upgrade from Basic to Plus

Table of Contents for Customer Support
Errors or Installation Troubles ?????

Download a New Help System

Every effort is made to continually improve the explanation of features available in RandomWare. Check here often for a new help module.  If the date of the currently available module is later than yours, please, feel free to download it now.

Click to download: Download Help Module

helpfile.bmp (2750 bytes)  [program help file]

RandomWare Installations      

Click arrow.gif (822 bytes) Installation from Disk
Click arrow.gif (822 bytes) Installation from Download

General Installation Topics

!!! First Things First !!! After you receive and install the program you should go directly to the Help System by selecting the  Help option from the main menu when the program first starts. The best article to begin with is Getting Started

??? Help System does not Display ???  
f you are using a browser other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer (MSIE), RandomWare's Help System may not work.  Even if you do not access the internet from the machine on which RandomWare is installed, or you use another internet browser, Microsoft's Internet Explorer must be installed.   

I've installed MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or later and still can not access the help system !!! 
The final solution for this problem has been to run the HTML module update (hhupd.exe) from Microsoft.  Check the installation directory for this file before downloading - it is usually provided with the setup program.   If you do not find it, click here to download hhupd.exe, then run it by double clicking on it through Windows Explorer.  Try the help system again.  This has fixed all the trouble we've seen with out of date versions of MSIE.  If you still experience trouble, please contact us: HelpErrors@RandomWare.com

NOTE: You can run the help system independent of Randomware.  From Windows Explorer, expose the files in the installation directory and double click on the help system file. 

The help system file: helpfile.bmp (2750 bytes)

??? Password - What's the Password ??? The password for audit file access that ships with RandomWare is Random - Capital "R", Lower case "andom"

??? Printing Errors - Odd Looking Font ???
   The printed page should be very clean and well presented. If your printed pages look odd, in the least bit, you may need to reset the print font used by the program. For help setting the print fonts see the help system for the suggested fonts that work best with RandomWare. There is a section in the help system that is fully devoted to managing program fonts. 

??? Specifying a Print Font Crashes the Program and FAILS ???   One of the program font management controls to is known to fail on early system of Windows 95, but not all. It appears to work perfectly well on Windows 98 and NT. If the program abnormally "bombs out" when you try to change print fonts then please read the article in the help system that explains how to use the alternate font and color control options.  This is clearly outlined in the help system that accompanies the program.  If you still experience problems after reading the help system, please contact us by email and we will gladly help you solve the problem.

Color Requirements for you Monitor
The program appears at its best if you select a color palette for your computer monitor that uses more than 256 colors. To change your monitor's color palette, right click over your "desktop", select the "properties" menu and then select the "Settings" Tab when the "Display Properties" dialog box appears. 

Example of Too Few Colors Specified
This is what to expect when your color palette is set to 256 colors or less:

color_example.bmp (179302 bytes)
Example of Correct Color Specification:

This is what to expect when your color palette is set to greater than 256 colors.

  • High Color (16 Bit)
  • True Color (24 Bit)
  • True Color (32 Bit)

Installing RandomWare from Disk

Double Click Setup.exe and it will guide you through the installation. The installation will prompt you to insert disk #2 when needed.  It is quick and straight forward.

When it is finished you will find the RandomWare Icon on your desktop.  Double click it and away you go. 

icon.bmp (11078 bytes)

Now, Please read the presentation above regarding General Installation Issues.

Installing RandomWare from a Download

Microsoft's Internet Explorer: Before the file downloads, the following dialog may appear first.

Select Save to disk.

download.bmp (426382 bytes)

Netscape Navigator comes directly here . . .

The following Save As dialog box will prompt you to specify a folder in which to save the file.

Find a suitable place to save Setup.exe.
save_attach_as.bmp (337974 bytes)

When the download is complete open Windows Explorer and locate the file. NOTE: If you were already running Windows Explorer before starting the download, you may need to select the Refresh option from the View menu (within Explorer) in order for the file to appear in the displayed list.

Double click Setup.exe and the installation program will guide you. locate_it.bmp (602406 bytes)


When the installation is complete you will find the RandomWare Icon on your desktop.  Double click it and away you go. 

icon.bmp (11078 bytes)

Now, Please read the presentation above regarding General Installation Issues.